Clay Articrafts | Pottery Culture

Clay Articrafts | Pottery Culture

Clay Articrafts is an ancient traditional craft in India.

Chopanimandu is the earliest evidence of clay articraft or pottery culture in India.In India various clay articrafts or pottery cultures were developed at different intervals of time in different places. And wide spread all over the nation , giving rise to unique and wide range of making and employment with source of income.

Black Red ware clay articraft or pottery (between 2400 BC-100 AD).

Majorly found & evidence in the reason of Rajasthan, UP, MP, Bihar, West Bengal. And basically it is from the river belt of Ganga & Yamuna region. No painting is used this pottery making.

Ochre colour clay articraft or pottery (between 2000 BC -1500 BC).

Found & evidenced from eastern Punjab , Rajasthan ,western UP at the same belt of Ganga & Yamuna region.

Copper hoard clay articraft or pottery culture (between 2000 BC - 1500 BC).

It is almost found from every part of India except from the north eastern part. Discovered & found from Bithur in Kanpur district .Even it is from the region of Ganga & Yamuna.

Painted grey ware clay articraft (between 1000BC - 600BC), found and evidenced in Later Vedic age in the region Bukhari.

Northern black polished ware clay articraft (between 600 BC-300 AD).
Found & evidenced in the period of buddhism was propagated , rise of Mahajanapadas took place & modern dynasty was founded. This pottery is famous for its glossy polish which has all been found from Mauryan pillars.

Aurentine Ware clay articrafts (between 200BC - 300 AD).
Found & evidence from Arikamedu and Muziris which is associated with Romans. These roman clay articrafts is majorly found in north & south India and few other clay articrafts / pottery culture are Red slipped ware found between kushan to 3 century AD, Red ware - 100 AD early mediaeval India, Red Painted pottery - pottery of the Gupta age.

Some of Present & Famous Indian Potter Traditions:
* Rajasthan & Molela Murtikala
* Karnataka & Bidriware
* West Bengal & Terracotta Pottery
* Uttar Pradesh & Black Clay Pottery
* Gujarat & Khavda Pottery


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