Home decorated with Tradition: Dhokra Wall Hangings from Raga Arts

Home decorated with Tradition: Dhokra Wall Hangings from Raga Arts

An empty wall is like an empty page, waiting for something to be written on it.

Imagine a home where every wall has a story of tradition, skill, and beauty with Dhokra wall hangings. Dhokra art has been around for ages, echoing through India's history from ancient times to today.

The craftsmen use an ancient non-ferrous metal casting technique, called Dhokra craft. The art of Dhokra predates 4000 years, right to the Harappan Civilization. The infamous dancing girl statue uses the same technique of lost wax that artisans in Bankura are using to this date. This tribal handicraft, while widely known for its primitive simplicity, requires utmost precision, painstaking steps and generations-old know-how to come to life.

Crafting Dhokra art is a special process. It starts with clay and rice husk dough, shaped and dried in the sun. Then comes the "lost wax" technique, where a mix of wax, resin, and oil is carefully moulded around the clay to create intricate designs. After adding layers of clay and husk, the piece is heated to melt the wax and fill the mould with brass. Once cooled, the mould is opened to reveal the beautiful Dhokra art inside.

Each piece of Dhokra wall hangings from Raga Arts carries stories of the past – tales of distant lands and ancient rituals. They're not just decorations; they're a connection to our cultural heritage.

Supporting local artisans by buying from Raga Arts helps keep these traditions alive for future generations.

Our Wall hangings add texture, dimension and a natural look and feel to your home. Crafted in varying textures and patterns, these are a unique and easy-to-hang alternative to the standard tapestry. They also come in endless designs, meaning you can find the perfect statement piece that will make your home feel like heaven.

So, next time you're looking at an empty wall, consider hanging a Dhokra wall hanging from Raga Arts. It'll bring charm and character to your space while honouring our rich artistic heritage.