How To Maintain Your Brass & Bronze Articles

How To Maintain Your Brass & Bronze Articles

We all love to decor our house with expensive statues, idols of god, wall paintings, bells & other attractive accessories. Today brass & bronze products have become a popular home decor material.

Brass Metal - Made up of 60%-80% of Copper & 40%-20% of Zinc with a bright gold color finish. Bronze Metal - Made up of - primarily Copper & 12% Tin(Appx) with dull gold color finish.

Over time metals like brass & bronze tend to become dull.

These metals in brass & bronze have the natural property to get oxidized when exposed to the sun & moisture present in the atmosphere.

To maintain these articles as new always, here are few easy tips for you to clean brass & bronze articles to maintain & regain their original shine:


  1. Warm water with tamarind or vinegar:

Boil water at room temperature and take warm water to add tamarind paste & a bit of vinegar to it. Clean the items on all the sides and submerge the item into the hot water. Rinse the item and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

This method is most effective for cleaning lamps.


  1. Natural Agents with Lime & Salt:

The natural agents used in the kitchen i.e lime & salt the easy way to clean the items. Take some salt & scrub with lime over the item completely & rinse it off with warm water. Finally dry with a soft clean cloth. 



  1. Ketchup:

One more easy way from your home kitchen is the ketchup. Ketchup is been used to clean brass items. Take a little amount of ketchup on a clean cloth and rub it all over the brass item. Rinse it in warm water and dry it up with a soft clean cloth.


  1. Soak Overnight:

In a container soak overnight in a solution of distilled vinegar and half water. Rinse it with warm water and dry up with a soft cloth.  


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