Raga Arts: The Indian Craft

Raga Arts: The Indian Craft

RAGA ARTS: The Indian Craft

Raga Arts selling a wide range of unique handmade and traditional brass art & crafts.

 We exclusively bring the glory of Indian handicrafts through brass, copper, bronze and metal statues. The metal handiwork, especially bronze sculptures and statues was first found at Mohenjodaro five thousand years ago and till date, many devoted craftsmen deal with both traditional & contemporary designs.

History also reveals the different technique & styles engraved by the craftsman was inspired by leaves, flowers and landscapes of the country mainly from Moradabad and Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh & from Jaipur in Rajasthan.

The metal sculptures of India showcase the eternal language and cultural tradition of the country. Bronze statues of Swamimalai in Madurai, Madras & Bangalore are among the finest in the Chola tradition which is referred as delicate, dignified & majestic.

Anything made with metals is the living monument which speaks the reputation of intrinsic beauty & artistic lavish culture of Indian Kings & their character.


Exposed to the history of the country, Raga Arts is specialized in various crafts expressing the characters of emperors of India with artistic influence. Assorted statues, paintings, home decor, varieties of exquisitely carved statues on brass, bronze and copper unfolds the rich beauty of the country’s culture & tradition. Much demand for interior and home decor in recent times has influenced many to the traditional aesthetic diversity of India. Invariably fascinating carvings of idols are a source of inspiration and thus our happy customers highly recommend us to buy gifts for festival season.


Raga arts objectify to provide access to ancient incredible culture of India which is considered as the integral part of artworks. Studies and research confirm that the majority of the Indian population and as well as in other countries develop an interest in handicrafts and artworks for the interpretation of India’s past. The history and lifestyle that are prevalent in the country are brought to the existence in our statues, paintings and home decors handmade by craftsman.

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