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About Raga

Raga was created with a vision of aiding and promoting the interests hundreds of artists who are confined to practicing their craft from their homes and rural regions.

Its founder, Mrs G.S. Leela hails from chitoor, a small town in Andhra Pradesh and is currently settled in Bangalore. 

From a young age, she was encouraged to pursue “feminine talents” such as painting, singing, musical instruments and other classical arts. After Marriage, she moved to Bangalore to her husband’s home, where she continued to develop her talents during the few precious moments of leisure attainable in an eleven member joint family. 

Her beginning was modest, where she made paintings commissioned by her family members and giving classes to ladies of the neighborhood. 

However, recognizing that she lacked marketing skills, the son joined her in her effort to reach out to a larger audience. 

From this humble beginning, the organization has grown to provide active employment to over a 20 artists. 

Recognizing the hundreds of artisans are suffering due to lack of recognition and market access, she founded the “Raga Craft Promotion Council” with the aim of providing financial succor and a helping hand to her fellow artisans. 

The craft council has adopted over 75 rural artists from all over India and has launched this portal to market their products. 

In addition, the Council aims to organize and participate periodically in shows to ensure visibility and awareness among the art collectors and enthusiasts.